Plaza Wellness offers private appointments for acupuncture, psychotherapy, massage and nutrition from a knowledgeable team of health practitioners. Visit the links below to learn more and contact them individually to schedule an appointment. 



Steven L. Guidi L. Ac.

Director of Plaza Wellness

Steven Guidi holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine From Pacific College and a Bachelors of Arts from Wesleyan University. He has trained in the US and China and has been practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, and traditional nutrition for 10 years. He is the director of Plaza Wellness which he founded in 2011. He provides acupuncture treatments at Collective Primary Care, an innovative medical practice serving the Freelancers Union.

Jen Becker, L. Ac, MSTOM

Classical Acupuncture

Jen Becker, LAC MSTOM, is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist with a 4 year Masters degree of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. Jen is trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Five Element Acupuncture and Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis. Jen treats a wide range of health conditions with a special focus on womens health and emotional conditions. In Addition to Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Jen has a passion for Nutrition and the use of food as medicine. Accepts Insurance.

Mary Hart L. Ac.

Mind Body Acupuncture

Mary Hart specializes in the treatment of physical symptoms that have their root cause in physical and emotional trauma. Specially designed programs create a safe space for clients to explore the role of the past on the body's health today. If you have chronic symptoms that haven't been alleviated by traditional therapies or other alternative treatments, Healing Heart Acupuncture may be right for you. Mary has additional training in Myofascial Release Therapy and has developed healing programs at St. Vincent's Rape Crisis center and Friends of Firefighters in Redhook, Brooklyn.


Coleen De Vol


A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I’m certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a holistic health practitioner, and I hold a certificate in Integrative Nutrition from Columbia University’s Teachers College. I strongly believe that the healing power of foods, active stress management techniques, exercise and emotional work cannot be ignored by those wishing to live a strong, happy and healthy life. Fueled by a genuine passion for teaching others how to help themselves, I have been involved in the wellness field for more than 10 years and in the process have helped a wide range of clients achieve their goals. I am interested in helping people make a true lifestyle change—which means no quick fixes but rather long-term solutions.Increased energy, better moods, fewer cravings and lasting weight loss are a by-product of health and balance. All that’s needed is a bit of patience, commitment and support. The fastest way to get in touch with me is to fill out a health history form and come in for a free intro session:


Shira Burstein, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The complexities of human nature is something that many of us grapple with. Therapy, although seemingly scary, intimidating and overwhelming at first, can lead to change, growth and a high degree of satisfaction when an individual is willing to look at themselves in a new light. I believe in treatment that is collaborative which encompasses conversational dynamic. I provide individual, family and couples sessions for various issues, some of which include; anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, communication problems, life transitions, issues with interpersonal relationships, work stress and other stress related issues. Treatment techniques include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic and strengths based. My goal is to help my clients achieve more confident, successful and fulfilling lives.

Kim Davis, LCSW, M. S.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Psychoanalyst

Finding a therapist can be a daunting process. I believe it is important to feel at ease in order to do the work therapy entails. I provide a comfortable, down-to-earth environment that will allow you to develop insight, find more choices in your life, and to build self confidence. I have advanced training in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy, however unlike classical analysis I do not act as a blank screen and have a contemporary approach. I provide feedback and believe in mutual collaboration between patient and therapist. I also have a Manhattan practice at 380 Lafayette Street (corner of Great Jones).

Nora Bonosky
You might have given up hope that you will ever stop overeating compulsively, but it is possible to heal from this painful disorder. As a social worker and therapist for over 20 years, I have taken a special interest in eating and weight problems in my personal and professional life. Working from the approach developed by Geneen Roth, I start from the premise that we overeat for very good reasons. Without self-deprivation of any kind, I will mindfully help you identify the emotional and psychological triggers that set off overeating, and work with you to find constructive coping mechanisms.

Susan Epstein, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I’ve been in private practice as a psychotherapist and consultant for over 15 years. I work most effectively with clients who seek active engagement with their problems. I bring a great deal of empathy and warmth to my work, but I also know how/when to push my clients gently forward so real change can take place. Once I understand how you see your problems and what you've already tried to address them, I'll draw on a range of techniques (traditional talk therapy, action-incorporating Psychodrama, cognitive-behavioral intervention, goal-oriented coaching) to create a process uniquely suited to your strengths and struggles. We'll work together until you achieve your goals. My specialty is action methods. My unique approach incorporates role playing, meditation, creative arts approaches and mind-body techniques that help clients (especially those coping with trauma, chronic illness and/or relationship problems), foster mindfulness and achieve real change. I have a B.A. from Yale College, a Masters in Social Work from the Hunter College School of Social Work and extensive post-graduate training from the Ackerman Family and Psychodrama Training Institutes. In addition to my office hours at Plaza Wellness, I see clients in Manhattan at my Herald Square office. Feel free to get in touch and arrange for a free consultation.

Ladan Shaikh, MD


I am a psychiatrist trained in the treatment of adults and elderly. I provide a comprehensive approach to treatment which includes elements of therapy, life style modification and medication management. I work with adults of all ages and backgrounds and strive to foster a comfortable atmosphere for my patients. My experiences include working with various ethnicities on a broad range of issues, especially in the realm of mood and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, and life changes. I work with patients who have established therapists who are looking for treatment with medications as well as those looking to work with a psychiatrist alone. I look forward to hearing from you and coming up with an individual plan that suits your personal needs.

Jeremy Schwartz, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My goal is to help you through whatever difficulties you are experiencing so that you can feel better about yourself, have better relationships, and experience more joy. Over the past three years I've worked with a diverse community at Mount Sinai Hospital where I treat 9/11 first responders and clean-up workers suffering with the effects of trauma. I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well as psychodynamic and insight-oriented approaches. I will work with you to develop the therapy that fits you best. I am especially interested in working with members of the LGBTQ community, people with chronic medical conditions, and people who have difficult family members.


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